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postheadericon Before you choose a company for relocation

Moving your house can be really stressful and the initial most questions that would strike your mind are, will I need to pack all my belongings and furniture? Should I take professional and expert moving services in Singapore? What are the size of boxed would you need for packing and how many boxes do I need and also from where I will get these boxes? You will also need to check the cost of these boxes. If you are planning for Owner Pack the shipment you should also think about different materials that you need. Procuring the suitable and appropriate packing boxes is high at the priority list.

Packing Day

The day when your belongings and furniture will get packed, it is important to ensure that you confirm with leader of packing team or the supervisor about exact details of packing process for that day. You should also make sure that you get an access to significant items at the time of relocation and you should also set aside some imperative documents, some toiletries, clothing and other important things. Find the specific location for such items and inform the packing supervisor that such items should not get packed. Indeed having these items “off-site” is better way to ensure that they do not get packed mistakenly.During the process of the furniture removals it is important to ask the company to do the entire packing safely and cautiously. They should take care that entire set of furniture is delivered to destination without any harm to the furniture.

System of Color Locator

To efficiently organise transportation and packing of your home, ensure that the company use system of colour locator. The staff of packing will apply the colored stickers on the cartons when they are getting packed. The cards that are Color-coded, hung on the doors at destination house, are getting matched to the colored stickers on the cartons, streamlining the delivery process and process of unpacking. There are many people that don’t want to do the entire process manually. Whether they don’t have enough time or something else, for those Citimap Movers &logisitic company will be a great help. Professionals of this company can manage all the things perfectly and make your moving process simple and effective.

Sheet of Packing Inventory

Once your belongings are packed and wrapped carefully, the supervisor will also note every item on their “Packing Inventory Sheet.” When all items are removed from existing home, they are well packed & loaded into moving vehicle, they will get numbered and this number will appear on packing inventory sheet. It is basically a document from previous home to new destination.

Protection of Transportation

The relocation consultant must explain the options of transit protection and answer your questions. It is important to understand that reputable company insurance company will underwrite the policy of transit insurance. The policy that you select should provide full cost coverage of replacement on risk basis and on door-to-door basis.