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Finding the best answering service was not all that easy for me. I spent several weeks screening for the best service providers and the longer I spent screening the service providers the greater the confusion. Every single company that I came across claimed that they are the best in the industry. I wasn’t sure what to look for exactly as I have not used an outsourced answering service for my business before.

In my search I noticed that some answering service focused on specific niche industries. Such as real estate answering service, funeral home answering service, medical office answering service and so on. I thought it would be good to use companies that had experience in my industry. I run a residential and commercial plumbing service business. I wanted an answering service that specialized in my industry.

I am out all day attending to service calls and when my customers call me there is no one to answer the calls at the business.  It is also difficult to take all the calls on mobile whilst I am busy attending to a client’s plumbing issues. So I started looking for companies that offered plumber answering service. After cumbersome search and screening process, I decided to work with this company. One of the factors that helped me choose this company is their customer ratings. This company enjoyed very good reputation. Customers who have used the services of this company were happy with the quality of the service. So I decided to try them based on this.

After using the answering services of this company for quite some time, I could say that I have made the right choice. I like their professional approach and well trained answering agents. My customers never realize that their calls are being answered by a third party answering service. They respond to my customers very professionally and feedback from my customers are that they are happy with the service and feedback they get.

As mine is a small business operation, I do not have access to unlimited budget. So I had to find a company that worked within my budget. This company offered me an affordable answering service. Even though this company has given me a competitive quote they exceeded my expectations when it comes to the quality of their services.

Now that I am not required to focus on answering or returning customer calls, I have more time for my customers and I am able to take up more assignments. I am also able to focus now on how to take my business to the next level. All these business benefits are just because I have found the right answering service to support me in my business. I am glad that I have decided to work with this company and that I was able to make the right choice first time. I am not sure how things would have turned out if I were to choose a different company.

This company offers me a very flexible answering service solution. I use the service only for certain number of hours per day that has the highest number of calls. This makes things highly cost effective. Thanks to this company for their professionalism and for their dedication.

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