postheadericon The cotton branded carrier bags have become very popular

The beauty with plastic bags is that they are very attractive to look. They are very convenient to use. At the same time, disposing of these plastic bags is a big headache. The material is such that it refuses to degrade. You can try to burn them but they make the air polluted. You cannot melt them and reuse as well. These bags can clog the rivers and drains thereby causing great danger to the marine world. It is high time that people in the world come together and find a common solution. One such solution is in the form of usage of biodegradable and reusable cotton bags. The situation requires creating awareness among the people. Many corporate entities have undertaken this activity as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Hence, you can find the branded carrier bags manufactured from highly degradable materials. You can also come across the simple cotton bags rekindling the memories of olden times.

The cotton bags have great usage. In the first place, they are much stronger when compared to the plastic bags. Of course, they may not be as flexible as the plastic bags are. However, they make up for this loss by being durable. This durability makes people want to use them repeatedly. Hence, this is one of the best chances for the business entities to promote their products on such bags. Sensing this opportunity, many business enterprises have already jumped the wagon by opting for such promotional bags.

Today, you know that most of the Governments have banned the use of plastic bags in their countries. These cotton bags provide the best alternative. Of course, you have an alternative in the form of paper bags. The paper bags are good but they lack the durability of the cotton bags. Therefore, you find the branded shops preferring the cotton bags to the paper bags. The minor shops do make use of the paper bags.

The cotton bags have another advantage as well. In the case of any damage, you can always sew the bags into place. You do not have this liberty with the plastic and paper bags. This facility makes these bags extremely popular. In fact, the cotton bags have a record for lasting for decades. Imagine the joy for a business entity because he gets access to free advertising for more than a decade. No other promotional campaign can guarantee such a long period of advertising and that too, free.

The customers can save good money as well. He need not invest his money in procuring different bags. In addition, he can avoid paying the Government tax on single-use bags. The convenience of cotton bags also plays a great part in its popularity. They may look a bit awkward in the initial stages to see people strutting along with their cloth bags. However, one has to weigh the advantages to the environment because of these actions. One owes a lot to the environment to make this world a better place to live. Our children deserve a clean and breathable planet.

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